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The benefits of women are being inspired by reading wPower includes real life examples of empowered women. Read the testimonies of women who have empowered other women with a call to action as you learn what you can do in your own community. Realize that women’s empowerment is not just for women, it’s for young girls too. Men can also empower women. This world could be a much better place if everyone would just recognize how “Powerful” women are when we work together.

WPower - The Strength of An Empowered Woman to Change the World by Felicha Sinegar-Stanley
  • Learn how education and empowerment go hand in hand
  •  Learn the different ways you can empower women
  •  Discover that empowerment is a transformational experience
  • Learn what you can do in your community
  •  Know the charities that empower women
  •  Read about women who have empowered other women
  • Understand why women’s voices must be heard
  • Learn that some men do empower women
  • Understand why equality must happen now
  • Celebrate for a changing world 


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