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Now Thanksgiving Is Over....

What did you do to celebrate? What are your family traditions? I cooked a huge meal and we ate too much..

Women Empowering Women

Never under estimate the power of a woman to help another woman.When women get together for any reason, networking just happens. would...

November's Blog

Today's blog is about empowering women. We need empowering whether we know it ot not.Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and...

A Daily Blog Coming in November!

November 1st, I will be blogging daily about different Topics of interest to prospective authors.. To make sure that I cover the topic of...

Upcoming Events In 2020

1. Virtual Book Launch 2. Virtual Panel Discussion 3. Empower Your Career Workshop 4. Middle School Girls Empowerment 5. Mentoring in the...

Events Postponed

Until Further Notice, the Wpower: Book Launch and the event on March 21st are postponed.

Hello World!

Have a great day!


the Book that tells women that we should help other women by giving a hand Up !!

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